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    Secondly, as someone who has been writing HTML/CSS/JS for more than 20 years, it's obvious to me what has been proven over and over again: bet on the core foundations of the web, and don't try to one-up them. Extend them (think PostCSS etc.) and get the most out of them, but ..
  2. Dear Codecademy, please remember to add ALT-attributes in your courses. Let’s not teach bad practices. #a11y
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  3. If I had a blog, I would write a long blog post about this article, but now it's only going to be a few tweets instead. The blog post in question: dev.to/srmagura/why-were-breaking-up-wiht-css-in-js-4g9b
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  4. TIL: Heading elements (<hX>) change font-size depending on context — ie. if they are in an <article>: codepen.io/kimblim/pen/PobzoGV 1: Encourages use of multiple <h1>’s. 2: Why would an <h2> be bigger than an <h1>? Someone enlighten me here. What’s the thinking behind it.
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  5. I made a small tool: Grid Gradient Generator: kimblim.dk/tools/gradientgrid/ Feel free to RT!
  6. If you only read one thing today, read adactio's latest blog post. It's gooood. And scary. adactio.com/journal/6786/
  7. Have you tried Blisk yet for multi-device testing in the browser? Seems pretty nice (based on a very short test!) blisk.io?inv=7bc92cee-2421-4d5c-9c87-4b70e0fb8330
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    rogerjohansson “I’m having a problem with Angular, Ember and React.” (or more correctly: the way people use them)
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  10. Where the F**k is my link to Google Reader in Gmail?!??! I'm sure they can see in Analytics that I use it every single day...
  11. I am in complete agreement with this morrick.me/archives/9368 from morrick and let me just add one thing, which btw also applies to the latest Firefox: the tabs are no longer tabs (visually) but buttons. This makes absolutely no sense to me.
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  12. I’ve just co-signed the Overlay Fact Sheet by karlgroves — it’s hugely important that we take a stand against an industry that is exploiting the lack of accessible websites by selling snake oil instead of creating accessible solutions. overlayfactsheet.com
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    csswizardry ChromeDevTools You have to try inspect.dev by auchenberg — gives you ChromeDevTools for iOS. Wirelessly. I would say it’s a game changer.
  14. Hey folks, just thought I would recommend Kitty’s (HugoGiraudel) accessibility advent calendar: hugogiraudel.com/2020/12/01/a11y-advent-calendar/ Lots of small tips and tricks and not too heavy on the WCAG specification stuff, which is a breath of fresh air.
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  15. Curious: has anyone (or heard of someone who has) used CodePen Pro as a corporate component library/styleguide/design system? Would like to see it, if possible...
  16. It might be just me, but I always find it very disappointing when a site like css publishes an article like this one: css-tricks.com/using-css-shapes-for-interesting-user-controls-and-navigation/ Yes, the technique is interesting but the HTML is completely in-accessible: missing labels, missing alt-text and/or attribute.
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    brucel Fixed that for you. Lawson. Bruce Lawson. #double0HTML5
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
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    gazjoy Nesting, Mixins and Functions, not to mention file management. The problem is not SASS, but how _some_ people use it — writing good SASS requires the ability to write good CSS.
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    .. use them as intended. The people/groups who created and wrote the standards seem to actually know what they were doing. But! Please keep pushing the boundaries, it's definitely needed and appreciated, and will only help us in the long run.
  20. Here we go... smashingmag adambsilver
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
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    jensimmons cassidoo Why did I read that as “deg-mailed” 😂 I’m going to use that as a term now, and nobody can stop me!
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    Another note: please listen to some of the experienced people who have been along for most of this journey. I dare you to find many of those people, who agreed that CSS-in-JS was a good idea in the first place. Yes, it solved a problem, but it solved it in a bad way.
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    dantley AishaBlake MetalHaze What you’re actually saying is: “The work you’re describing is not that important.” I understand your sentiment from a business standpoint and from a prototyping standpoint, but don’t argue that a11y is important, when you choose to ignore it.